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Experiential Shipped Direct to Consumers

Experiential Shipped Direct to Consumers

We've all been witness to the recent success of curated subscription boxes for brands – from luxury goods, healthy eating and beauty, to educational kits and family entertainment. These targeted boxes deliver impactful, micro-experiential moments direct to the consumer.

While large-scale, immersive experiences are an ideal way to engage existing brand supporters and ignite new ones – what if you can't reach everyone you want? Or what if a large-scale event/tour just isn't possible? Enter the self-led event kit. Much like a subscription box, a targeted event kit can supplement an existing experiential marketing program, or simply be an add-on to a marketing campaign. Event kits are the perfect opportunity to:

  1. reward fans with a chance to host and share their passion for the brand with others, and/or
  2. engage a specific demographic and highlight that demo's unique relationship with the brand.

An in-hand, do-it-yourself event kit program has the power to scale reach and highlight a wide range of content. For audience size, event kits can be made for community groups, classrooms, families, influencers, and others. And, for content? The possibilities are endless with signage, giveaways, and crafts, to activity guides, virtual event schedules, and online engagements – with custom micro-sites to support kit content.

Giving recipients flexibility and encouraging communication is key to measurement and success. Best practices for these self-led kits is to give users incentives for sharing feedback and posting their experiences to social. The more opportunities for participants to use the kit assets in their own unique environment, the higher the likelihood they will invite and share with others. This is also an opportunity to collect direct feedback from fans of the brand.

The next time a brand is looking to plus-up its marketing program (with or without events), it will benefit the consumer and the client to consider targeted event kits. In-hand, do-it-yourself event kits are an opportunity to learn, engage, and build brand loyalty.

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