Kody Kapow: Kapower Up Training Camp Tour

Kapowerful Kids Discover Their Inner Superhero

To promote the launch of Sprout’s new series, Kody Kapow, a 3-city “Kapower Up Training Camp Tour” took kids on a transformative journey filled with high energy martial arts and immersive, lesson-building experiences where each child discovered their inner superhero.

The journey began with a giant dragon entrance, a décor element guests could not miss! In the Hall of Kapower, kids and their families tested their skills with an original, Kinect-based Kapower Up video game where they engaged with show characters, using basic movements (push, jump, duck) to complete each level. In the Martial Arts Temple, a Master taught guests martial arts moves and helped participants understand the importance of listening and following instructions.

Kids’ new martial arts skills were then tested on the Kapowerful Obstacle Course where they embodied the mantra to never give up, even if it’s hard. At the end, kids showcased a martial arts kick and jump into a foam pit. This Kapowerful move was recorded in slow-motion and emailed to guests as a fully-branded, keepsake video!

The tour introduced more than 13,500 visitors to the new show, its characters, and its Kapowerful messaging.