Oasis Productions Incorporated

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 5/23/2019

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) presents the specific practices and standards established to maintain individual privacy for users of the Oasis web site and attendees of Oasis events.  “Oasis” or "us/we" means of Oasis Productions Incorporated, a Washington corporation.   The Oasis Site (the “Sites” or “Site”) means the internet website at www.oasis-usa.com and/or interactive services that are provided by Oasis for use on mobile devices, tablets, personal computers and any device that can connect to the internet.  “Sites” shall also include any functionality on iPads, kiosks, or other devices that we may provide at our Oasis events. 

By accessing any Oasis Site, you are consenting to this Policy. 

Oasis understands the importance of protecting the information provided to us by our users.  This Policy describes what information may be collected from users at the Oasis Sites during use of the Sites, as well as the information that we may collect or generate ourselves during the course of our events.  This Policy further details how user information is stored and protected, how such information is used, when information may be shared with third parties, and how users can control the disclosure of collected information.

The Oasis Sites are intended for the use of adults.  We generally seek to avoid collecting any personal information from people under age 18, and we take specific measures to prevent collection of any personal information online from anyone under age 13.  Our internet website at www.oasis-usa.com is intended for business users only, such as clients and potential clients for our services.  Any means through which personal information is collected at our events generally has an "age-gate" or check-box for age verification before personal information can be entered.  We may also take photos and videos (offline) at our Oasis events, which include event participants, both adults and children; but we do not allow users to upload their own videos or photos, or otherwise collect photos or videos through our website.

Families are encouraged to discuss with younger people the use of the internet; and parents and guardians should be aware of, and supervise, a child entering personal information on any website, mobile application or device.



We may collect or generate one or more of the following types of information from you:

  1. Information that you actively give to us (such as name and e-mail address). 
  2. Information that is automatically retrieved from your computer or wireless devices (such as IP address or other unique device identifiers).  We may also use identifiers and third-party services (such as cookies and tracking code from services such as Google Analytics) on one or more of our Sites to help us collect information about, for example, how people are using the Sites.
  3. Photos and/or videos collected by us of people at our events, as disclosed at the events, which may include images of you or your family.  We take these photos or videos ourselves, offline, but we may later post or upload them to a private section of our Site.  We may use these photos and/or videos to enhance our event experience by providing you, in response to your one-time request, with an opportunity to review them later via a link or special code. 


We take industry-standard level precautions to protect against unauthorized access to, or loss of, any information we have collected through the normal operations of our Sites.  We always keep the ultimate goal in practice of keeping our security updated against known cyber threats.  Regardless, the potential for unauthorized access or data loss always exists.  If you believe a third party has accessed your information, please use the information below to contact us.


Generally, we use the information we collect to respond to specific one-time requests made by you during the use of the Oasis Sites or at our events.  For example, we may use it to respond to you if you are inquiring about our services for your company.  We may use the information collected from you to provide you with a link to a video of you and your child at our event.   

We may also use cookies, other identifiers, and third-party services, such as Google Analytics, to help us collect data to maintain and analyze the performance and usage of our Oasis Site(s), for our own internal purposes, such as to help us improve the Oasis Site(s).  By using the Site(s), you consent to the storing and accessing of cookies and other identifiers related to the Site(s) on your devices in connection with the use of the Site(s).  We do not collect this Site usage and "analytics" information on any specific individual; use it to form any "profiles" of any individuals, or for targeted advertising; or use it for any other purpose other than our own internal business functions. 

Data collected by Google Analytics, while used by us only for our internal use, is subject to Google's collection and processing policies with regard to such data.  A description of how Google Analytics collects and processes data is accessible via the following link: www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/.


We generally use the personal contact information collected only to provide a service to you, or for our own internal analytical purposes.  However, we may share your information with third parties under three conditions:

  1. With law enforcement or other legal authorities as ordered or directed by them, or as needed to protect or defend our rights and the rights of others;
  2. With your consent, your information may be provided to our clients for the limited, stated purposes (for example – inclusion on a mailing list).   You may agree to the collection and use of information, but still not allow disclosure of it to the third parties in (B) above, simply by not providing your consent as indicated (such as through a checkbox) at the time of collection of the information.
  3. We also use photos and videos for our own internal purposes, and sometimes share them with our clients as part of a recap of our events.  We may also use general crowd-shot photos or similar from our events as part of our marketing; but we do not use individually-identifiable photos and videos for marketing unless you have authorized us to do this, such as by signing an Appearance Release form.


Personal information collected at events as described above, such as photos and videos, is generally retained only for thirty (30) days from the date of acquisition in order to complete the request you made at the time of acquisition.  However, if you consented to provide your information to our clients for mailing list purposes, etc., your information will be stored for as long as necessary to provide such service.  We may also retain certain information and photos for our general internal business, marketing and recordkeeping purposes.


You may review a copy of the information that we have collected from you, or ask that any of the information under our control be deleted, by contacting us through the email address, phone number or address below.  You may ask that we delete your personal contact information from our records at any time.  Please note that certain information that you have provided to us may not be in our records or under our control, such as the information that you have consented for us to provide to our clients, or information collected through third-party services such as Google Analytics.  You may also refuse to permit collection or use of your information (as provided in this Policy) by contacting us and referencing this Policy and your request -- or simply by avoiding any use of the Oasis Sites.


We may update this Policy from time to time, and change its terms.  We indicate the date of the last revision at the top of this Policy.  If the changes are significant, we will post a more prominent notice on the portions of our Site(s) (as applicable) affected by the changes.

8.  WHO WE ARE        

The Oasis Sites are owned and operated by Oasis Productions Incorporated.  If you have any questions about how we conduct our operations via the Sites, or have any questions about how we handle personally identifiable information, please contact us at:

Oasis Productions, c/o Privacy Administrator, 1633 Westlake Avenue N., Suite 110, Seattle, WA  98019

or via email at help@oasis-usa.com