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#DemigodGoals Project

Disney Publishing launched the #DemigodGoals campaign to celebrate the myths, magic and mayhem of Rick Riordan titles. The campaign included a series of interactive, authorless, retail events that took place at priority bookstores across the country during a two-year period.

Over 2,000 guests were reached through the campaign resulting in higher book sales, foot traffic, new customers and fans.

Father and daughter pose for a photo with a crafted paper demigod sword at a bookstore event.
Father-Daughter Duo Pose with Their Custom Demigod Sword

Each event featured a variety of activities that would test true demigod fans – including a scavenger hunt, Riptide sword crafts, a branded photo op, spinning the Wheel of Destiny, learning the Greek Alphabet, and testing their fate at the “Let Fate Decide” premium board.

Event kit materials laid out on a surface; including the Wheel of Destiny, Trading Cards, Scavenger Hunt Activity Card and more.
Event Kit Materials Flat Lay

In addition to the bookstore events, 600+ event kits were created and shipped to Barnes & Noble stores across the country to highlight the first annual “Demigod Day” on September 28. The event kits provided each store with demigod-branded activities and material to throw their own ultimate demigod celebration!

“I’ve never seen an event like this one – it feels like Demigod-Con!” – Guest in Frisco, Texas

The "Let Fate Decide" Board
#DemigodGoals Photo Op
#DemigodGoals Photo Op
#DemigodGoals Prize Wheel
#DemigodGoals Prize Wheel

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